Beccy's Baby Time Massage and Yoga

Toddler yoga classes combine songs and stories with movement and yoga poses to stretch the body and get children moving in a fun way.


Toddlers are natural little yogis, they are more flexible than adults and are naturally active. If you watch your toddler throughout the day you will see them enter several different yoga poses. Yoga has many different benefits for toddlers beyond simple physical fitness.

Toddler Yoga

Classes encourage children to:


Move in new and different ways

Focus and improve their attention

Communicate through movement and song

Develop awareness of their body

Practice balancing

Improve coordination

Relax and slow down

Develop their confidence in a group situation

Toddler yoga is a class for children, however, parents are expected to participate with their children. Parents joining in and demonstrating movements to the children improves bonding, gives you both some fun quality time together and helps increase children's confidence.


Classes are relaxed and active. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in, no jeans or short skirts please.


Children need to be walking and fairly stable on their feet to join the class. If children are not walking yet, or are not confident walking and moving independently baby yoga is probably a more appropriate class to join.




" Great group for the toddlers, very interesting. Thank you "


Mum and 3 year old, Aug 2017

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