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Tummy Time for Mummies





Tummy time is just as important and beneficial for new mummies as it is for babies

Vouchers are available if you are looking for a gift for an expectant or new mummy. A code can be emailed to the purchaser or recipient. 


Did you know that tummy time is just as important and beneficial for new mummies as it is for babies?


How to and the benefits of tummy time are covered in both the Holding Reassurance Programme and the introductory session for the Developmental Baby Massage. If practising tummy time as a new mum you need to look after yourself, take particular care if you have had a c section or are breastfeeding.


The gentle stretches included in the baby yoga class are also very good for carers, they are gentle and suited to helping mums to recover post birth. If you have had your 6/8 week check with the health visitor or GP then you are welcome to come along and get moving with your baby.


If you are pregnant and struggling with Pelvic Girdle Pain (PPGP) you are not alone. There are things you can do in your daily life to ease your symptoms. Have a look on the NHS website or Pelvic Partnership, they have lots of information for you and your midwife, including suggestions for how to avoid aggravating the condition.