Beccy's Baby Time Massage and Yoga

The holding reassurance programme is for babies from birth to 8 weeks. It promotes bonding and good early attachment as well as preparing for developmental massage.


It is a series of holding positions, strokes and gentle stretches to promote the importance of touch, to help relax and sooth baby and help them to gently uncurl from the foetal position following birth.


It also offers a gentle introduction to 'tummy time', which is very important for young babies. It can reduce flat head syndrome in young babies, caused by baby spending too much time laying on their back. It also helps to gently strengthen the muscles in the neck and back, which will later help with sitting and good posture as baby grows.









Specially designed for birth to 8 weeks.


Holding Reassurance Programme

This can be practised with baby from birth, as such 1:1s can be offered for expectant mums. Teaching this prenatally allows main carers to start this immediately following birth, sharing those early moments, nurturing bonding and supporting baby to flourish.

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