Beccy's Baby Time Massage and Yoga

Benefits of Baby Yoga

Baby yoga helps baby's physical development:


  • Increasing strength, muscle tone and flexibility.

  • Helping them to uncurl and stretch out from the fetal position following birth.

  • Then to build up their muscles so that they can learn to sit, crawl, stand and walk well, with good posture, helping them to explore the physical world around them.

  • Can improve sleep and concentration


It offers a relaxed calm environment in which to spend time together. Promoting relaxation and helping both carer and baby to be less stressed. Giving them both techniques they can use outside of the class, the tools needed to stay calm in a busy modern environment. It focuses on breathing, so that we take in maximum oxygen which amongst other things can keep us calm and calm the nervous system.


The classes teach parents how to do yoga with their baby at home, giving them the tools to help their baby and ease aliments such as constipation, wind and colic. Giving them techniques to try and holding positions to use at home to calm baby when they are fussy, fractious or in pain.


It gives gentle appropriate postnatal exercise to help mums following birth. Exercise is good for physical and mental health; it can help increase endorphins which lessens depression. Whilst yoga specifically offers gentle stretches which can help to strengthen the pelvic floor and lessen back pain.

Yoga can improve bonding and create unity

Classes and home visits available. See classes or contact me for more information.


Yoga means unity. Baby Yoga brings together the family unit with quality, positive time together by offering a designated time and space within a class, so uniting baby and carer. Promoting gentle touch and focused communication throughout the session using verbal cues and watching for cues offered by baby. This is supporting and encouraging early bonding.

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