Beccy's Baby Time Massage and Yoga

Baby massage helps to regulate babies breathing and improve their circulation. It will help them to relax their tummy, which will help them breath deeper, take in more oxygen and relax. Most babies seem to sleep much better after a massage.


Massage of the stomach will increase blood flow to the digestive system and help baby to digest food better. For some babies this helps with colic. For colicy babies methods for holding them will also be demonstrated which may help ease their tummy.


It helps to make friends with gravity. Using stretches and supports to help your baby strengthen their muscles and learn how to balance. Helping them to learn to sit and stand properly and improving their posture.


The simple touch offered through baby massage can help to bond with a new baby. Bonding is very important and can be challenging for some mums, particularly following a traumatic birth or postnatal depression. Good bonding in the early days and months can support the development of a good attachment between baby and care giver. Touch is a strong stimulus for baby, it can be reassuring, gentle, comforting and loving. Through massage and the time spent together in sessions baby and care giver will deepen their attachment and so help baby's development in many ways. It helps babies to develop as happy, confident, secure children. For more information on studies into attachment and touch see Peter Walker.


Massaging can also be of benefit to some babies with special needs. Babies born with tight or floppy limbs, such as those with cerebral palsy or hypotonia can show improvements with continued massage. This is because it can help to slowly build muscle tone in floppy babies and to stretch and relax tight muscles for this with limited mobility.

The Benefits of Baby Massage






Relax your baby, regulate their breathing and  improve their sleep.


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