Beccy's Baby Time Massage and Yoga

Baby Yoga


Baby yoga helps baby to experience new senses and become aware of their own body, their limbs and abilities. Through stretching it can strengthen muscles and joints, increasing flexibility, which helps with baby’s physical development and coordination.


It offers a relaxed calm environment in which to spend time together, promoting relaxation and unity. The classes teach parents how to do yoga with their baby at home, giving them the tools to help their baby and ease aliments such as constipation, wind and colic. Giving them techniques to try and holding positions to use at home to calm baby when they are fussy, fractious or in pain.


It includes gentle stretches and movements for mummies which can help with recovery after the birth, particularly with things such as back pain, weak pelvic floor and strengthening the tummy muscles. It is also good for combating tiredness, baby blues or postnatal depression.

"At every class Beccy introduced different yoga moves, explained the benefits to us & was a delightful activity to share with my daughter"


First time mum of 14 month old

For babies 6 weeks to walking. 


Classes are 50 minutes, suitable for all babies including those with disabilities or twins.

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