Beccy's Baby Time Massage and Yoga

Baby Showers


The cost of booking a baby shower varies depending on location, numbers attending, time and activities required. Prices are generally in the region of £50 - £80.


I would generally advise 1 -1 ½ hours starting with the holding reassurance programme and then adding in a taster of baby massage, although it is possible to add some baby yoga instead if requested.

Create your own  party event

Holding reassurance programme is a sequence of movements that can be used with babies as young as 3 days old to help them gently uncurl from the foetal position. It also shows mummies how to gently start to introduce tummy time.


Baby massage tasters include oil samples and handouts for all pregnant or new mummies participating. Cost depends on numbers attending.


I have 3 demonstration dolls, so two - three parents will be able to participate at a time.





£15 plus £3 per person


Plus travel costs

If you want to book a baby shower please note weekend availability is limited, booking as early as possible is advisable. Bookings at 2 weeks or less notice are charged at additional cost. Payment is by bank transfer before the event.