Beccy's Baby Time Massage and Yoga

Baby Massage


It is a five week course which builds up to full body massage. The first session is a short introduction, it covers oils used for massage and a skin test to check for any allergies.


By the end of the course you will be able to complete the massage at home yourself and demonstrate to other parents or carers at home. You will know how to help your baby be comfortable on their tummy and how to support them in learning to sit and stand.


Although developmental baby massage can benefit babies up to the stage where they are standing classes are best suited to babies who are not crawling yet. It can be hard to introduce to babies once they are crawling as they are busy little things. Once a baby is mobile they like to do their own thing, it can be hard to get them to sit still for a massage session. If massage has been introduced before this point you and your baby should be able to continue around your routine at times when it suits you.






Developmental Baby Massage is a programme developed by Peter Walker for babies 8 weeks plus.


If you have had mulitple births and are interested in baby massage please contact me.

Developmental baby massage teaches parents and carers a series of massage strokes they can use on their baby to help relax them and develop their muscle strength and joint flexibility.

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