Beccy's Baby Time Massage and Yoga

Beccy's Baby Time - Baby Massage, Baby and Toddler Yoga


Baby massage is a lovely relaxed session for both carer and baby, offering a range of health and developmental benefits for babies 6 weeks to crawling. It can help improve sleep, build strength, aid digestion, deepen your bond and even ease colic.


Baby yoga is a lovely session for carers and babies 6 weeks to approximately 14months. It is a fun session in which baby will move in new ways and experience new things, helping their physical, sensory and emotional development. It combines movements and stretches for baby with gentle stretches for the parent or carer, great for some gentle exercise for mum following birth.


Toddler yoga is for children from walking to 4 years old, it is a fun active class using stories and songs to encourage movement and stretches. It develops strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, supports language and improves concentration in a relaxed and fun environment.



was a delightful activity to share with my daughter


First time mum with baby 14 months



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Classes from pregnancy to 4 years old

Classes from birth to 4 years. Home visits are available for pregnant mummies as well as special tasters and packages for babyshowers and online classes


Virtual sessions now available